Reggie Rockstone
L.E.A.D Series 1st Edition

Reggie was our first guest on the L.E.A.D Series. His involvement in this special programme was very unplanned, yet it spiraled into one of the most engaging editions of the event. Reggie Rockstone shared a detail uncut story of how Hiplife music originated.


Nabil Alhassan
L.E.A.D Series 2nd Edition

An intriguing story of success shared by the CEO of Event Factory Ghana Limited, of how he started his event logistics company. Today, Nabil Alhassan’s Event Factory is among Ghana’s top event logistics company. His interest in engineering run through him from birth till date. Nabil, was the second guest on the L.E.A.D Series.


Ameyaw Debrah
L.E.A.D Series 3rd Edition

Ameyaw Debrah, is undoubtedly the most influential and popular brand name in social media marketing in Ghana. He was the 3rd guest on the L.E.A.D Series with an inspiring story of rising through the different ranks as a social media influencer.


Dr James Orleans-Lindsay
L.E.A.D Series 4th Edition

His presence on the L.E.A.D Series was fulfilling not only to himself but to the organisers as well as each individual who attended the 4th edition. Dr Orleans-Lindsay’s track record of real estate development has left heavy and inspiring footprints to young individuals who dare to venture into his field. During his session, he rewarded participants with a stay at his appartments as well as internship opportunities with his company, JL PROPERTIES.


Anita Erskine
L.E.A.D Series 5th Edition

Emotions were uncontrollable with Anita as 5th guest on the L.E.A.D Series. With her passion and commitment of empowering and encouraging a girl child education, a fully packed auditorium witnessed an inspiring session as she took participants through the highs and lows of a media personality and well as tips on skill sets needed to achieve goals.