Motivational speakers through their speeches or words truly inspire us all regardless of our status in life. They convey a quick powerful message from a person’s entire life of what they’ve learned amidst struggles.

And in regards to that, Dr James Ato Orleans-Lindsay of JL Properties is no exception to how many times he has ever thought of the question: “Who inspires you?”

According to him, his father, John Nana Ewusi Orleans-Lindsay is his biggest motivation when his life success is questioned.

Speaking at the 4th Edition of LEAD SERIES, he said

‘I saw and heard so much about him when I was growing up. All I wanted to be was like him’.

‘Some of the things that I am doing is a complete replica of what he was doing in the 70’s and 80’s’, he added.

However even though his dad lost everything after the series of Coup d’états in Ghana, he still learnt so much from him as an entrepreneur.