Dr James Ato Orleans-Lindsay of JL Properties has said that when it comes to acquiring an accommodation in Ghana ‘eighty percent are living in substandard accommodation’.

According to him, ‘by the governments’ definition of housing in Ghana, 80% are paying more to acquire or rent houses or apartments to their comfort . So how affordable is affordable, I always ask this question’, he said.

‘There is no affordability in Ghana. Because if you are telling me a 2-bedroom house costs $80,000, how much is the average person earning?’’ he questioned

Speaking at the 4th Edition of LEADSERIES hosted by CEO of 2131 Group of Companies/TV & Radio host, Jay Foley, Mr. Orleans-Lindsay said ‘Houses are not affordable. I will be the first to tell you’, adding that ‘the houses here are so expensive because we are not being paid well enough since we don’t work hard enough’

Dr Orleans-Lindsay added that, ‘Until such a time that our systems start to work properly, the higher half, will always be the ones to afford and the lower half will not’.